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PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE AERONAUTICS ACT This is an urgent notice to all members of COPA of proposed changes to the Aeronautics Act which could lea to delays of new aerodrome projects and more closures. Read the COPA summary document [ COPAmessage.pdf ] to get the background information of the concerns from the aviation community and then read the government summary of the propsed changes [ NPA-1e.pdf ] | French version [ APM-1f.pdf ] COPAmessage.pdf NPA-1e.pdf APM-1f.pdf [Mar 30, 2015] Letter From Larry Verbitsky to TC about Responsible Aerodrome Development
New Manager Operations: Michel Cordeu
2018 COPA Flight Consultation On February 10, 2018 representatives from COPA National will be in Edmonton holding a Flight consultation session with the Captains of Northern Alberta COPA Flights.. FROM COPA NATIONAL: Our COPA Flight Consultation will cover a broad range of topics and we hope that you will consult your own Flight members in advance of our session so that we may incorporate as much feedback as possible. We are doing this because we want to hear from you, our members, both the good and the not so good of what being COPA Flight members means to you. We hope that the comments received through these meetings will allow us to tailor our products and services in a way that suits the needs of your COPA Flight. We have some new ideas we want to put to you, and in turn, we hope that you bring some new ideas to us. All options are on the table. Broadly, the topics we will be covering include: Where COPA is going as an organization How does COPA’s mission relate to members and Flights locally The role of the Flights vs. the role of the board directors in delivering COPA’s mandate Perceptions of COPA from within the Flights Perceptions of the Flights within COPA Membership – dual nature of Flights and Flying Clubs Modernizing communications COPA’s rebranding Potential new tools COPA can offer to make life easier for the Flights Regards, Carter Mann Manager of Government Affairs and Communications, COPA.
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