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Aviation Resources - Cross Border Flights This page contains information and links to various tools and information of use to pilots planning a flight across the Canada-USA border. Most of the information and resource material on this page was compiled courtesy of Bram Tilroe and Aviation Alberta.
COPA Flight 176 - Cross Border Flight Resources
Weather Tools These links display weather tools provided by Nav Canada
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Preparation DECAL You will need a decal from Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This is attached to the outside of the aircraft you will be flying into the USA. You can obtain it from the following website: eAPIS ACCOUNT You will need to enroll in eAPIS. Once you have an account set up, complete all the profile information and get to know the site. You can create an eAPIS account at the following webiste: THIRD PARTY eAPIS PORTAL Once you have an eAPIS account, you may wish to also set up an account with a third party eAPIS portal as they make it easier to process an eAPIS manifest. Once such service is FlashPass. They have an iPAD app. There websites is: Pre-Trip DECAL Attach this to your aircraft. eAPIS Manifest You will need to create an eAPIS manifest for your trip. Documents You will need personal citizenship documents (passports) for all passengers, and your pilots license with a valid medical certificate. You must have all of your aircraft documents (C of A, C of R, insurance, etc). Documents / Guides USA Airports of Entry A listing of where CBP Inspection services are available. CBP Private Air Guide A Guide to Crossing the Border. Private Air APIS Service Providers A list of third party eAPIS service providers. NOTE that if you are a member of COPA National, they have also published a guide for cross-border flying.
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