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Edmonton City Centre Airport COPA Edmonton holds monthly meetings at the historic Edmonton City Centre Airport (Blatchford Field) that has been part of the aviation industry for nearly a 100 years but sadly was closed by the City in 2013. Blatchford Field, built on Hagmann Farm in 1924, became the first licensed municipal airport in Canada that opened January 8, 1927. Located in the heart of Alberta’s capital city, this general aviation airport serviced industry, medevac, flight training and recreational flight. The airport was home to over 60,000 movements in 2010, down from over 80,000 in 2009 due to restrictions placed on it by the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority. Edmonton City Centre Airport closed at the end of 2013. As a result many businesses and users have been forced to find a new location. Although virtually everyone in the aviation industry is emphatic that this was a very bad decision by the Edmonton City Council, we are forced to face the reality of the decision and move on. As unfortunate and sad as this airport closure is, we will hang on to all the great memories and the legacy of this historical airfield.
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CYXD Tower Blatchford Field PWA 737 leaves CYXD
PWA 737 leaves CYXD
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