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COPA Flight 176 - Photo Gallery - Mike Bellamy Visits an Old Friend
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Mike Bellamy sent in these photos with the following comments:Harry Burfield, myself and Joe Redmond admiring a refurbished FHZ. She is semi-retired with an interior befitting a cowboys pickup as she no longer hauls freight but is in the tourist trade. What I wouldn’t have given for that GPS on the instrument panel back then. I still have my book “Finding the suns true bearing” on the bookshelf somewhere. It befits an earlier time of predominately SWAG’s or Scientific Wild Assed Guess. When I started with John Rolls he had lost his teeth in an earlier crash. He had a full set of dentures which were very uncomfortable. John used to take them out and perch them on the compass bracket when he flew. I can still see that compass leering at me like a mad rabbit. Thanks Mike.
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