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My Shinn by Mike Bellamy, Helicopter Pilot My first commercial ride was a Beaver CF-FHZ in the Yukon in 1970. It is still working in the north. When I imported this Shinn 2150A a few years ago I discovered that C-GFHZ was available and couldn't resist. I refer to the little airplane as 'Full Circle' After 42 years I am back to flying FHZ. The Shinn: Manufacturer: Morrisey Model: 2150A Year Built: 1962 Seats: 2 Engine: Lycoming 0-320 More information on the Shinn [ wikipedia ] [ About Mike - from the website for his book “Crosswinds” ] Michael commenced his commercial flying education piloting a de Havilland Beaver out of Ross River, Yukon in the winter of 1972. Multi-engine aircraft soon followed and a career in the airlines seemed on the horizon. Enthralled with the intimacy of smaller aircraft he tried his hand at water bombers, then, slugging freight with a Beech 18 frequented bush strips that intimidated Twin Otters. In 1979, Michael decided helicopters provided an irresistible challenge and enjoys to this day a comfortable familiarity with the people he flies. A thirst for independence and self determination has guided Michael Bellamy’s flying career for the past thirty-five years. Canada’s north has obliged, offering him a collage of challenges, heart stopping fear and unheralded victories. Whether in an airplane or a helicopter, reverence for these wondrous vehicles of flight and the breath taking beauty of the north has compelled him to write. Not about himself, but about the people who live and work in a land, uncompromisingly dictated to, by each season.
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