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COPA Member Trips and Experiences This section includes stories and photos of special trips that various members have recently undertaken.
COPA Flight 176 - Stories
Fort Chipewyan January 2012 Dion Beier click through to get the whole story and all the photos.
Mike and his Shinn May 2012 Mike Bellamy Mike is currently in Ontario on a helicopter fire contract. Click through to learn more about Mike’s aviation path and his Shinn.
Lost Prairie Boogie August 2012 Alan Loehr Here is a link to a video made by Wayne Anderson of Rollins, Montana from photos taken last weekend on a short flight in my Cherokee 160 from Kalispell, Montana to the Lost Prairie sky diving boogie.
Early Lessons Flying in the Yukon May 2012 Mike Bellamy Click through to read about Mike’s adventures in the Yukon.
The last night of the year 2012 Mike Bellamy Mike shares this extract from his logbook about an aviator in Whitehorse closing out a year as only an aviator can. Click through to read.
Radial or Jet Engine Apr 2013 contributed by Mike Bellamy Click through to read a hilarious account of the clear advantages of flying a radial engine tail dragger vs flying a jet.
The Pleasure of Flight I resolve to myself, to do this kind of flight -- just for me -- more often. It's not gotten old. 40 minutes airtime -- I feel renewed. The sheer pleasure of flight. Click to read the whole article.
A Visit with the Gods Nov 2015 Gary Sorge All too soon it was time to leave the "realm of the gods" and return back to earth in a peaceful and reflective transit to Hana airport. Oh how I envy those Hawaiian Gods!. Click to read the whole article. View Gary’s Photos in the Gallery
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